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Ice lollies

Sunquick Ice is a small refreshing ice treat with the distinct Sunquick taste that’s loved all over the world. Our flavour experts have captured all the fruity deliciousness of our drinks in a convenient home-freeze treat available in many popular flavours.

Every ice lolly has a delicious smooth texture and consistent flavour from start to finish. They are made with fruit juice* and free from artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Our ice lollies are affordable and convenient, and perfect as a playtime treat or a refreshing cool-down for everyone. Store them at room temperature and simply freeze, cut and squeeze to share joyful moments with family and friends.

*Cola and creamy flavours are not made with juice.

Freeze, cut & squeeze

• Made with fruit juice (except Cola & Creamy flavours)
• Soft texture and consistent flavour
• No artificial sweeteners
• No preservatives
• Tolerates temperature before freezing

Sunquick Sun and Quick mascot with ice

Sunquick Ice Lollies Orange

Sunquick Ice Lollies Raspberry

Sunquick Ice Lollies Strawberry

Sunquick Ice Lollies Cola

Sunquick Ice Lollies Peach

Sunquick Ice Lollies Tropical

Sunquick Ice Lollies Lemon

With Milk

Sunquick Ice Lollies Creamy Strawberry

With Milk

Sunquick Ice Lollies Creamy Cocoa

With Milk

Sunquick Ice Lollies Creamy Vanilla

Meet Sun & Quick

Sun & Quick are Sunquick’s mascots. This fun, whacky duo are always on a quest for the juicy Sunquick taste and work together to achieve joyful moments of Sunquick refreshment.

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Sunquick Sun and Quick mascot with ice
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Freeze, Cut & Squeeze!