Success starts with working together

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Get to know our two whacky Sunquick characters try and get a delicious taste of Sunquick. As they always discover, working together is the best way to share a refreshing moment of Sunquick joy.

The characters show children what’s possible when you do the right thing and work together.

Sun is tall and strong and thinks he’s smart, so he’s always coming up with crazy ways to get the Sunquick. He doesn’t always do the right thing at first, but he learns that working together with Quick is the only way to really share a joyful moment of Sunquick refreshment.

Quick is small, cute and tends to do the right thing. He’s a good type of friend to have as he always persuades Sun to give up on his crazy ideas and start working together so that they can both get that delicious taste of Sunquick.


Sunquick Ice


Sunquick Fruit Drink


Crashing set!


Falling flat!