From Denmark With Love

At Sunquick, we believe life should be filled with joy that should be shared – whether you’re at home, on-the-go, together with friends and family – on special and everyday occasions.

When it comes to Sunquick, what counts is sharing a refreshing drink with a taste that’s juicy, invigorating and joyful. A drink that’s inspired by nature and available in orange and a wide range of flavours.

Sunquick refreshments help you take a breather in today’s modern world. To share togetherness, and to share the moment.

Sunquick, which has been cherished, adored, and trusted by millions of fruit juice connoisseurs, finally makes its debut in Bangladesh, one of the most stunning and vibrant nations in the world. Sunquick is rich in taste and flavors and is made from hand-selected fruits and it is packed with actual vitamin C.

Mango, Mixed berry, and Orange are the three distinct tastes of Sunquick, comes with love from Denmark. Moreover, each flavor promises to unleash your inner fruitfulness and reveal your true self. The on-the-go pack satisfies your thirst without the use of artificial tastes or colors.

Additionally, Sunquick provides the concentrated version. Many litters of juice are contained in each premium-quality concentrate bottles making it the ideal beverage to share with friends and family.


Sunquick is all about sharing joyful moments – wherever, whenever, whatever the occasion. After all, joy is the best part of life and Sunquick is a perfect way to share it.

Great taste

For over half a century, the great taste of Sunquick’s distinctive fruity flavour has been delighting people all over the world. That great taste is known far and wide, and we are always working on bringing new flavour sensations to you. Every product we create is crafted until perfected, so you can always be sure of quality products and authentic flavours inspired by nature.


Sunquick – the delicious thirst-quenching drink is lovingly made to help create joyful moments for people all over the world. It’s also our goal to provide you with tasty drinks for any occasion – whether you’re on your own, celebrating something special or just getting together with family and friends. Whatever the reason, Sunquick can help you take a well-deserved break and refresh.

International brand

Since the launch of the Sunquick Concentrate in 1966, we have developed a long tradition of expansion and have established our brand in many new markets. Today we are present in more than 70 countries on five continents, with a portfolio comprising Concentrate, Ready-to-Drink (RTD) and ice lollies.


The Petersen brothers develop Sunquick.


Sunquick is launched in the UK to great success.


The first Sunquick TV advert airs in the UK.


Sunquick becomes truly international and launches in many markets in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


Sunquick launches in China.


Sunquick sales exceed 400 million litres worldwide.


Sunquick launches Sunquick Fruit Drink for immediate and convenient consumption.


Sunquick enters the ice lolly category with Sunquick Ice


Sunquick officially launches in Bangladesh – one of the most prominent markets in South Asia.

Our heritage

Brothers Jep and Flemming Petersen developed and launched their unique Sunquick Orange Concentrate in the 1960s. The innovative brothers achieved their goal to produce a distinctive juicy drink by concentrating real orange juice. Sunquick looks and tastes like real orange juice and quickly became known as a family drink associated with sharing joyful moments.